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 May 2017

L'Ange Vagabond: 1818 Chemin du village.  Reservations: 819-714-0213. 

Sat. 6 May, 8 pm:  Cabaret de L’Ange to mark the 5th anniversary of L’Ange group Vagabond and invited guest musicians (Free admission – contribution appreciated).

Fri. May 13, 8 pm: ‘Le chant du silence’- Michel Faubert is a well known story-teller and singer.  He met Ernest Fradette in 1988 during his travels to the French speaking regions.  He underwent an apprenticeship with Fradette for a few years.  He also played with folk ensembles, singing and playing violin in Quebec festivals and Europe, toured France with accordionist Philippe Bruneau.  He played with Montreal rock groups like Métropolitain, Janitors Animated, and kept close ties to André Duchesne's Quatre Guitarists de l'Apocalypso-Bar. In 1990, all these musicians contributed to his first production, a self-released cassette titled Maudite Mémoire, which was re-issued again.  He was also involved with the folk a cappella singers Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer, a group co-founded by Faubert and La Bottine’s Yves Lambert in 1993.  $20


Sat. May 27, 8 pm: Singer-Songwriter Ian Kelly released his 5th album in March 2016, SuperFolk Remixes and is on a solo tour with it.  $30


Sat. June 3, 8 pm: Bleu Jeans Bleu - country-soul-alternative, four musicians sing and play modern Quebecois music.  $20


Sat. June 10, 8 pm: Chances + Chloé Lacasse, with Genevieve Toupin & Vincent Carré.  They just came out with their first single.  (Pop).  $20







Sat. June 17, 8 pm: Foreign Diplomats (indie rock).  $20




 April 2017

L'Ange Vagabond: 1818 Chemin du village.  Reservations: 819-714-0213. 

Fri. Apr. 14, 7:30 pm:  This evening we dance (Free). 

Sat Apr. 22, 8 pm: Claudelle, $20. 

Fri. Apr. 28, 7:30 pm:  This evening we dance! (Free) 

Sat. Apr. 29, 8 pm: Jason Bajada.  $20. 

5 May 5-8 pm Celebration of 5th anniversary, followed by dancing.  (Free admission)

Sat. 6 May, 8 pm:  Cabaret de l’Ange to mark the 5th anniversary of  l’Ange Vagabond (Free admission).


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